The Illegal Detention and Transfer of Mr Abdikarin Sh Muse to Ethiopia

Ogaden Youth & Student Union

Press Release

Mr Abdikarin Sh Muse, an Executive committee member of Ogaden National Liberation Front who was residing in Mogadishu for the last three years was illegally handed over to Ethiopia by the Somali Government . This is in violation of the principle of non-refoulement laid out in the 1954 UN-Convention relating to the Status of Refugees, which, in Article 33(1) provides that:

‘No Contracting State shall expel or return (‘refouler’) a refugee in any manner whatsoever to the frontiers of territories where his life or freedom would be threatened on account of his race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion.’

Moreover, this illegal transfer is also in direct violation of the Somali constitution which recognises the rights of all Somalis to have the right of abode, irrespective of which part of the Somali nation they originate.

It is astonishing that the pleas of high ranking Somali officers for the release of Abdikarin were rejected despite sound knowledge that his human rights will be violated in the most inhumane way possible once he is in the hands of Ethiopia. This heinous act on the part of the Somali government demonstrates the extent of TPLF’s involvement in Somali affairs. The TPLF is not only a threat to those who seek their rights inside Ethiopia, but persists as the source of instability in the entire Horn of Africa. Ten members of Abdirakin’s family were brutally murdered by the TPLF including his older brother, a paralysed veteran of the 1977 Ogaden war, and nineteen are wrongly imprisoned inside TPLF run prisons.

The current president of Somalia, Mohamed Abdullahi ‘Farmajo’, and the Prime Minister Mr Hassan Ali Khayre, The National security advisor, Gen. Bashir Mohamed Jamac-Goobe, and the Head of NISA Mr. Abdullahi Mohamed Ali “Sanbalolshe” have committed a grave crime against the Somali nation. This unconstitutional act not only damages the sanctity and unity of the Somali nation but demonstrates that the President of the Somali nation is capable of selling his own people to foreign states hostile towards Somali interests.

We call upon the UNHRC, ICRC, HRW and the international community to secure the safety and well-being of Mr AbdiKarin Sh. Muse and pressure Ethiopia to fully respect his human rights as stated in the human rights charter and Geneva conventions.

Further, we call upon all those who are appalled at the actions of the Farmaajo administration to make their voices heard and publicly condemn this heinous act. Members of the Somali Parliament must hold President Farmaajo and his Prime Minister accountable for their clear violation of the Somali constitution, this is a grave matter which must be rectified.

The life of an honourable man is now in danger, so we must raise our voices and hold this administration accountable.


OYSU is the peak youth advocacy body currently monitoring, reporting and educating individuals and agencies on the violations and abuses committed by the Ethiopian government against Somalis living in the occupied Ogaden.

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