Ogaden Youth and Student Union Support Victims of Ogaden Famine

Ogaden Youth and Student Union (OYSU) branches across the globe have been active in fundraising for the victims of one of the worsts drought on record in East Africa. In the Ogaden region in particular, the situation is indeed dire. The outbreak of Cholera has already claimed the lives of at least 800 people, including the most vulnerable members of society according to local sources. Areas which have been worst hit include, but are not limited ​​to: Qoriile, Birqod, Garbo, Gunagado, Farmadow and many more. People continue to die from preventable causes at an alarming rate whilst international health organisations continue to be barred from the region. On top of that, there is very limited, if any at all, access to the Ogaden for humanitarian organisations and the media. Consequently, the world continues to be uninformed about the critical condition of the majority of the population in the Ogaden region.

Ogaden Youth and Student Union members and activists have taken it upon themselves to bring to light the current situation in the Ogaden region and raise awareness through the hashtag #HiddenOgadenFamine which has captured a considerable amount of attention. Members from Seattle to Minnesota, Australia to East Africa, and from The United Kingdom to Sweden and Finland have all launched a fearless social media campaign not only to raise awareness, but to raise funds in support of the victims of this brutal famine. OYSU branches around the world have organised ​​various fundraisers and activities such as charity car washes, phone bank fundraisers, food and bake sales, football tournaments, auctions and much more. They are determined to support victims in the Ogaden region and raise awareness about the situation therein as so little is currently known about the reality of those who are struggling to survive everyday.

Ogaden Peoples Rights


OYSU is the peak youth advocacy body currently monitoring, reporting and educating individuals and agencies on the violations and abuses committed by the Ethiopian government against Somalis living in the occupied Ogaden.

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