OYSU Germany takes on #HiddenOgadenFamine fundraising challenge

On April 10, 2017 OYSU Germany continued the #HiddenOgadenFamine fundraisings challenge. They hosted a 24 hour phone banking session in which they raised $689. OYSU Germany used the fundraiser as a way to contribute to direct relief for the victims of the famine from occupied Ogaden and as a way to educate their fellow Germans on the plight of the Somalis from the Ogaden region. With the strict trade and humanitarian embargos, the Somali people of this region are in dire need of help. OYSU Germany calls on all OYSU branches around the world to step up and take the challenge.

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OYSU is the peak youth advocacy body currently monitoring, reporting and educating individuals and agencies on the violations and abuses committed by the Ethiopian government against Somalis living in the occupied Ogaden.

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