To advocate for the rights of the Somali people in the Ogaden region under Ethiopian occupation. 



To see justice, peace, and freedom in the Ogaden.


OYSU is an international youth organization that advocates for the rights of the Somali people in the Ogaden region under Ethiopian occupation. OYSU was first established in  June 27, 2010 in Copenhagen, Denmark with the aim of unifying all youth initiatives advocating for the rights of the Ogaden people. These included Ogaden Youth Network (OYN) based in North America, Ogaden Youth League (OYL) based in Europe, Ogaden Youth Forum (OYF) based in Australia, and Somali Ogaden Youth Alliance (SOYA) based in Africa. This unification occurred in with  the aim of creating a single organization that would bring together all young people interested and passionate about the Ogaden cause.

OYSU aims to mobilize, organize, and integrate the talents and potential of youth both in the diaspora and in the Ogaden region. OYSU collaborates with other associations, such as youth organizations, community groups, and human rights and advocacy organizations. Advocacy is at the core of OYSU activities because our aim is to be present and engaged in the conversations around human rights in Ethiopia whilst bringing to light the dire human rights situation in the occupied Ogaden. Other activities include increasing awareness through engaging students and professionals, classroom teach-ins, and direct action. 

OYSU is the peak youth advocacy body currently monitoring, reporting and educating individuals and agencies on the violations and abuses committed by the Ethiopian government against Somalis living in the occupied Ogaden.

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